Beas Kids -  they provide educational and personal development programs to children from low income families.  Bea Salazar, a disabled mother of five started the organization in 1990 and now has an after school tutoring program. 
Carrollton Police Youth Activity Program - They have formed a boxing club for young boys as an after school program  to keep them guided, learn respect, boundaries and create opportunities for a positive association between the youths in Carrollton and members pf the police Department for the purpose of promoting greater trust and understanding between young people and officers.  We will be sponsoring a group of boys to attend our 08 Rough Rider Event.
Salvation Army - The CJYF adopted seven Angel's at Christmas of 07.
Sky Ranch Camp - Christian camp for young girls and boys.  The CJYF sent 7 children last summer.
The CJYF has worked with individual families this past year. One of the families we adopted year round is to a single handicapped mother. CJYF provided contacts for the young boy so he can play basketball, we have also provided food, clothing and school supplies for the family and made a Christmas dream come true thanks to The Westin Stonebriar Hotel in Frisco.


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