letot center

This co-educational, short-term program was established in 1979 through a joint public-private effort by  the Dallas County Juvenile Department, Dallas Independent School district, and Junior League of Dallas.  Letot Center serves as the central service delivery system for runaway youth and their families in Dallas County, and it provides Assessments, Crisis Intervention, Emergency Shelter Care, Foster Care, Out-patient Counseling and Referral Services for status offenders.  The facility has a shelter capacity for 40 youth in residential care who are referred by law enforcement, with programming designed to reunite runaways with their families whenever possible to prevent them from committing criminal offenses and entering the Juvenile Justice System.  Individualized treatment plans for each youth and their family aim to increase healthy  protective factors and to decrease risk factors associated with delinquency. 

December 2006:
The Chandler Jackson Youth Foundation (CJYF) donated 4 playstations for the center's game room. This room is used for rewarding for good behavior. The center is in great need of items for this room. The foundation will continue to work with the center to provide other items needed.

The CJYF donated $500 to this family. The mother was abandoned by her husband and was recently homeless. She works at night so she can be available in the day time to watch her grandchild while her two teenage daughter's attend school. The family has no transportation, they catch two buses and a train to get to Letot for counseling. The baby is 3 months old. The family is in need of diapers, wipes, baby food, food items, clothing for the baby, clothing for the teenage girls.

The CJYF donated $1,500 to this family. The family consists of a disabled and unemployed mother with five children. The Letot Center is working with the 16 year old male, whose father has been incarcerated since he was one year old. The children range in age from11-19. Daughters 11,12,&19 and a 13 year old son. They have no transportation and no money for bus fare. The 16 year old male was brought in for being truant from school. He was skipping school to work to provide assistance for the family.

The CJYF donated $100 per child (6 children) in Letot's emergency shelter who had been removed from their abusive families and are in Child Protective Services Custody. They had no family support for the Holidays.


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